Wedding dresses in Jerusalem & Evening dresses design in Jerusalem

Fanni Arev   Dresses Designer

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Wedding dresses in Jerusalem & Evening dresses design in Jerusalem

Fanni Arev - Wedding dresses in Jerusalem and evening dresses in Jerusalem of the designer Fanni Arev.

Our dresses gallery located in pastoral arev in Har Adar In Jerusalem D.C. Fanni Arev designs dresses for over 30 years and will design you the best, dream, and unique wedding dress for your wedding.

Our dresses made from the best material possible - lace, silk, organza, chiffon and high quality stones like Swarovski stones. Each design is unique and made by hand by Fanni Arev and her sews team.

For the bride's family (mother, daughters and friends) we have beautiful evening dresses and evening wears for events and parties. All made by hand and adjust perfectly to the client by Fanni Arev.

We will be happy to serve you and serve your family and friends on your special day. Bridal wedding dresses, gowns, evening dresses and makeup are our business and we do it perfectly. 

Evening Dresses
Evening dresses and evening gowns in Jerusalem
Modest wedding dresses
modest wedding dresses and wedding gowns
Exclusive Wedding Dresses
Unique and high quality wedding dresses and wedding gowns
Puffy Wedding Dresses
Puffy wedding dresses and puffy wedding gowns
Wedding Dress With trail
Trail wedding dresses and gowns in Jerusalem
Wedding Dresses In Jerusalem
Jerusalem dresses and gowns
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Wedding dresses & evening dresses

Fanni Arev wedding dresses in Jerusalem and evening dresses in Jerusalme

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Fanni Arev - Wedding Dresses in Jerusalem and Evening Dresses in Jerusalem